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I am able to dress myself .我能够自己穿衣了 The plane flew above the clouds 飞机在云层上方飞行 I want to go abroad for further study 我想出国留学深造

the bird rests on his shoulder.这只鸟在他的肩膀上休息.望采纳,谢谢!

Be careful when crossing the road. 过马路时应该小心 You can't be too careful! 无论怎样小心也不会过分! You should be careful of the traffic.你应该小心交通事故 The more careful you are , the better result you will get.你做事越小心,对你以后的结果越好 Be careful about the precision of detail in your descriptions. 在你的描述中,必须认真地考虑细节的精确度. 望采纳

Don't be nervous. Trust yourself.别紧张,相信自己(你能行的)

Alexander is a racist who refuses to employ blacks.***是个种族歧视者,拒绝聘用黑人.Bill refuses to take responsibility for the accident.比尔拒绝对那次事故承担责任.

I congratulate you upon your success 祝贺你的成功.

as soon as意思是“一……就……” as soon as possible意思是“尽可能快地……” 例句: eg:I will tell him as soon as I see him.我一看到他就会告诉他. eg:I will tell him as soon as possible.我会尽可能快地告诉他.

adj. Capable of being relied on; dependable: a reliable assistant; a reliable car. Yielding the same or compatible results in different clinical experiments or statistical trials. I found this to be a reliable brand of washing machines.我觉得这是一种牌子可靠的洗衣机.

That is my toy那是我的玩具,Those are my toys.那些是我的玩具们.

adjust to 英[əˈdʒʌst tu:] 美[əˈdʒʌst tu] [词典] 调整, 调节; [造句]How did you adjust to college life?你是如何适应大学生活的?Yes, I can adjust to anything. 是的