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hide1)verb 藏;遮挡;隐匿 He hid the letter in a drawer.他把信藏在抽屉里.2)noun 藏身处;(困境中的)人身安全 He just worried about his own hide.他只是担心他自己的生命安全.

hide v. 藏, 隐瞒, 遮避1. I haven't seen hide nor hair of him.我连他的影子也没见到. 2. She tried to hide her feelings.她设法不表露自己的感情. 3. I hid the broken plate behind the table.我把打碎的盘子藏在餐桌后面了. 4. The boots are made of buffalo hide.这双靴子是由水牛皮制成的. 5. The trees hid the house from view.树木把房屋遮挡住了.

He often hides from his old friends


我只知道discuz的方法; [hide]要回复后才能看到的内容[/hide] 不过,假如论坛管理员禁止使用hide,那就没用了

你好!He always makes me laugh. He makes the room clean every day. They have hid away for such a long time. 他们藏了这么久.如有疑问,请追问.

The criminal looked for places to hide.(罪犯找地方藏匿)

vt. amused, amusing 1. 使欢乐;逗…笑His story amuses me.他的故事使我发笑.We were all amused at his foolish behaviour.我们对他那愚蠢的行为都感到好笑.2. 娱乐; 消遣She amused herself by reading detective stories.她读侦探小说消遣.The children amused themselves by playing hide-and-seek games.孩子们玩捉迷藏游戏取乐.

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兽皮:Fur and hides find their main use today as clothing.Animal rights activists protest use of animal hides in clothing.口语皮肤:I need to get some rays on my hide. Get out of here or I'll tan your hide!